Price Quotes. You may submit descriptions and pictures of items for direct sale by completing our consignment form (“Start Selling”). After receiving your submission, we will review your submission. If your item is accepted for sale, we will email you a consignment quote and a buyout quote. If you accept one of the Consignment quote or Buyout Offer, you must deliver your Item to Caviar Gauche for assessment and possible sale.
Quotes are in Canadian dollar and valid for thirty (30) days, at which time they expire. Once a quote has expired, you may resubmit a quote request for a new quote.
Assessment of the item (for Consignment or Buyout). Upon receipt of your Item, we will review your Item to confirm that it is authentic and that its condition is consistent with the description you provided in your original submission. 
Authentic Items in the Represented Condition. 
Consignment: If we determine that the Item is authentic and in the condition described in your original submission, we will photograph and list your item for sale.
Buyout: If we determine that the Item is authentic and in the condition described in your original submission, we will issue payment to you for the Buyout Offer.
Authentic Items in Different Condition. If we determine that your Buyout Item is authentic but not in the condition described in your original submission, we will deliver to you an updated Buyout Offer or consignment price. Accessories (straps, locks and keys, pouchettes, etc.) that were expected but not shipped by the seller may also result in an updated Buyout Offer or consignment price. If you accept the updated Buyout Offer, we will issue payment to you for the updated Buyout Offer. 
Unauthentic Items. If your item is determined as unauthentic by our team, you will be charged a mandatory 350$ fee per item in order to receive your item back. This covers shipping and all costs related to the assessment of the item. This fee must be paid within (30) days, or the item is destroyed in order to be removed from circulating in the resell market.

Retention of Sale Items. We reserve the right to take any action permitted under the law to offset any costs incurred in connection with your submission of unauthentic sale items, including but not limited to retaining any of your authentic Sale Items or referring the matter to a third party collections agency.



Consignment Fees. Caviar Gauche will take as fees the following percentages from the proceeds of the sale of Consignment Items:

  • $100 flat fee: for items under $500 
  • 20% fee: for items between $501 - $5,000 
  • 15% fee: for items between $5,001 - $10,000
  • 12 % fee: for items over $10,000

We may change these fees from time to time by posting the changes on the Website or by otherwise providing written notice to you of such changes.



Payments. Subject to these Seller Terms and Conditions, Caviar Gauche will issue payment for the sale of an item tem minus the applicable fees described in these Seller Terms and Conditions, to your payment method on file. We will issue payment for a Buyout Item once the item is received, assessed and authenticated and you have accepted the final Buyout Offer, including updated Buyout Offers. Payments are issued according to the payment method selected within our Consignment Form. Payment methods include: Interac E-transfer (Canadian Banks), Paypal or Caviar Gauche Gift Card.

Payment methods cannot be changed for payments that have already been initiated.


All items are required to stay with us for a minimum of 60 days to sell. An item can be requested back after 60 days, free of charge. To withdraw an item before the 60 days, a withdrawal fee of $200 CAD is applicable. This charge covers our time and labour for photographing and advertising the item.